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The St. Joseph's Cemetery Association is set apart from other cemeteries, for we are part of the ministry of the church. We minister to the deceased, the bereaved, and the poor.

The St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery Association seeks to help people face the hard reality of death in a context of faith in the promise of eternal life. Our facilities & services include a place to be buried, an environment designed to meet the needs of the Catholic liturgy for burial, a facility which encourages frequent visitation with attendant prayer for the dead, and environment in which love is remembered, hope is rekindled, and faith is awakened and strengthened.

Our cemetary:

Meets the needs of individuals and our parish community in preparation for, at the time of, and following death.
Ministers in liturgy, prayer, comfort, instruction and evangelization.
Proclaims the reality of the human person as sacred & deserving of dignity and respect both in life and in death.
Provides sacred space where remembering can be fostered and centered, and is a place for liturgical celebration.
Serves as a symbol of the extended community of the Church.

Read the St. Joseph's Cemetary Association's Offical Bi-Laws to find out more.

Donations are welcome to the St. Joseph's/St. Mary's cemetary fund.
Send to: St. Joseph's/St. Mary's Cemetery Association
St. Joseph Church
P.O. Box 400
Red Lake Falls, MN 56750

Data is provided for the following:

  • St. Joseph Cemetery - Red Lake Falls, MN
  • St. Mary Cemetery - Red Lake Falls, MN
  • Huot Cemetery - Huot, MN (Red Lake County)
  • St. Anthony - Terrebonne
  • St. Joseph - Brooks
  • St. Dorothy - Dorothy
  • St. Vincent de Paul - Plummer

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